Nadine Christine

Nadine Christine

In most descriptions of her many television roles, “sexy” is a qualifier for Krista Allen –- and it’s working for her again.


The veteran of “Days of Our Lives,” “What About Brian,” “Baywatch Hawaii” and countless guest shots on series from “Friends” to “The X-Files” is the “Significant Mother” in The CW sitcom premiering Monday (Aug. 3). She plays a newly separated wife and mother who worries her restaurateur son (Josh Zuckerman) by dating his best friend (Nathaniel Buzolic) -– which also reignites her husband’s (Jonathan Silverman) interest, prompting him to try to win her back.


“It’s really a dream role for me,” Allen tells Zap2it, “and it’s comedy, which is something I love doing. This character, Lydia Marlowe, is a woman who’s lived her life for everyone else. She is just starting to listen to her own needs and do what makes her happy … which currently is dating her son’s friend, but it evolves and becomes so much more than that. I guess you could say it’s a slightly delayed coming-of-age story for her.”

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Jon Lovitz "Lovitz or Leavitz" Vodcast

Sunday, 21 July 2013 01:08

The Jon Lovitz VODCAST Network officially launches on June 30th with the "Lovitz or Leavitz" series, which taped live at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, with special guest Dana Carvey. Tickets to see "Lovitz or Leavitz" live and in person may be purchased at the box office and at The show takes the form of a classic talk show and will feature a mix of humorous and lively discussions on a variety of topics with celebrities or experts in their fields, along with sketches skewed through the unique sense of humor of actor/comedian Jon Lovitz. "Make no mistake about it. This is an actual talk show," says Lovitz. "And because we don't answer to network executives or censors, audiences can look forward to some pretty lively shows."

Extra!!! Extra!! Krista Allen has a boyfriend AND a husband..whhaaatt?


Krista Allen stars as Jennifer Bell on The CW "The La Complex" and coming up, we have some shocking news about the fact that Krista is dating Connor to revitalize her career.  So, let's see how her husband feels about that.


OMG Nadine Christine.




Also, you can catch an amazing interview with Krista by Call Me Adam.  Super awesome.