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Written by  Tuesday, 25 October 2011 00:20
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Most recently I was graced by God. OM Times Magazine asked me to write an article for them on my constant complaints about manifesting my man. That elusive, fabulous dream boat that ceases to exist in reality, but not in my head. So the question then comes about. What is it we constantly hear? "Think it Nadine, feel it Nadine and then you'll create it Nadine." Millions of hours of therapy later, nill, nada, null and void. He has not appeared. Is my head not aligning with my heart? Am I not willing to accept my fate? WTF? OMG! And so the question truly is...If you can manifest your man in your heart chakra, in your mind and you can FEEL that he exists, why do the guys who don't treat me well always appear? In my quest, I consulted with my favorite astrologer, who also happens to be one of my most fabulous friends in the world. Here are the questions and answers that ensued in my "Manifest A Man For Valentines" with Patty Kamson.

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